Point of Sale Hackers – Am I a Target?

May 1, 2013 Business Strategies POS Information Security 0

Point of Sale Hackers

Different computer systems and databases have been a victim of cyber criminals, whose intention is to steal confidential information and use it for their own good. In fact, four point of sale hackers have been arrested for allegedly stealing credit card information and making unauthorized transactions amounting up to $3,000,000. But most of you thinks that “I’m just a little business owner, why would they target me? I only profit a few bucks a day!”, right? Well, that is what most business POS owners get wrong.

Why hackers would target smaller businesses?

The answer is pretty simple. This is because it would be less painful to penetrate a business that would not mind placing very strict security methods to their POS. In addition, it is better, from a hackers perspective, to attack several small businesses at a time rather than targeting a big company once.

How hackers attack a system?

There are several methods to perform an attack. First, they would try to scan the internet for any open POS ports. After they have found a vulnerable system, they would then execute some kind of a program to install a malware to your system. Once the malware was in place, they can now a execute total control over your database and system. That’s where your misery begins.

Is there any way to prevent them from doing this?

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent hackers from accessing your POS and database. The first way is to eliminate any security holes from your system and database. How to do that?

  1. Install an antivirus in your system. BUT before you do that, contact your POS vendors first before trying to install an antivirus software to your POS system to ensure that it would not break things. Why? Some antivirus conflicts to some features of POS systems and it might break things out.
  2. Maintain backups of your POS database at all times. Just in case a hacker successfully penetrated your database and it led to the corruption of files, you can easily restore it to the previous state.
  3. If not necessary, do not implement internet connections over your POS devices and systems. Otherwise, make sure you use a secure connection whenever you try to remotely access your database/POS system.
  4. In case you knew that you are currently under attack, shutdown your whole system, including your database to prevent further access. Contact technical help immediately to stop the problem.
  5. Choose a point of sale vendor that can provide you with state of the art systems and security and that will never leave you in case of incidents like this. Alliance Bundle is among them.

Alliance Bundle is proud to tell you that we have the ability to maintain your POS systems and keep it from the malicious intentions of cyber criminals. For more inquiry, call us at 1-888-405-8706.