Common Questions about Point of Sale Systems – Answered

August 1, 2013 POS Information 0

If you are new to point of sale systems, it cannot be avoided to have too many questions in mind. Hopefully, here on this post, we can answer as much question you have in mind. You are always free to request more information by calling us at 1-888-407-2980 or fill out the contact form.  Questions about Point of Sale Systems – Answered.

Q: What is a point of sale system?

A: A point of sale system is a machine that replaces your typical cash register. It performs more than just calculation. It can track inventory, monitor employee work hours, monitor sales and more.

Q: How can it help me with my business?

A: It can lessen your burden of having to monitor your sales and employees. With a point of sale system, you have the power analyze your sales trends easily, track employee work hours and more without having to burn the midnight oil. Further, it can update your price list or change/add new items as fast as a blink of an eye.

Q: Will it be hard to learn using it?

A: We provide free training to our customers so they won’t have to take days figuring out how to do a certain action. Besides, it can be easily learned by anyone. If you know the basics of computer operation, or have used a smart phone or similar device, then you’ll master it in no time.

Q: How much does a point of sale system costs?

A: Typically, most complete point of sale bundles would cost you thousands of dollars and even reach 5 digits for additional support, updates and other fixes. Here at, we are offering a $75/month lease to own payment scheme and that includes delivery, training, tech support and installation with no additional or hidden costs! You may contact us for further information by navigating at the “contact us page” above.

Q: How can a point of sale system help me make more money?

A: Our point of sale systems provides reports about your sales. It can show you what kind of item is top selling at a particular time of the day. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you may want to figure out what day your pasta sells most so you can prepare enough ingredients to avoid possible stock shortage. Our point of sale system will give you an insight about the day and the time where your pasta sells most. With effective analysis, you can easily create plans and increase/decrease production of a certain item/product. It can also lessen the risks of employee theft and human errors which contributes to a company’s failure.

In addition, you can implement discounts and promotions which can be easily tracked with a point of sale system. This way, you can effectively lure potential customers and reach out wider audience. You can also setup your own online ordering system, which is all controlled by a backend database, a part of point of sale systems.

Q: I already have a cash register. What need do I have for a point of sale system?

A: As mentioned earlier, a point of sale system is more powerful than a typical cash register. Every decade, there are innovations coming out, new ways to perform something to make your life easier. The point of sale system is the innovation of a cash register. With a point of sale system, you can make your life and your customer’s a lot easier. You can streamline your operations, increase checkout times, manage inventory, increase efficiency and have robust reporting at your hands.

A point of sale system, no matter how small or big your business can be a great addition to your business. In fact, on this day of computers, you really need to have a point of sale system in your business.