RAM Scraper Malware – The Anatomy of a Malicious Software for a POS

July 21, 2013 Security 0

RAM Scraper Malware – Malicious Software for a POS

Malicious hackers always strive hard to steal from businesses and consumers. What makes them do this is the anonymity that the cyberspace provides to these cybercriminals. With training and experience, an average person who knows how to program using the C or C++ programming language can have the ability to produce a software that can scrape/gather information from a live system. What’s worse is that they can even manipulate your computer systems and point of sale systems to do serious harm to your business. Therefore, enterprise level security must be deployed in order to prevent these disastrous events.

What is the RAM Scraper Malware?

In short, the POS ram scrapers steal payment data like credit cards directly from the POS system. Most payment systems encrypt data transfer from end to end so anyone bypassing the transmission will only get junk information. However, the encryption and decryption process happens in the RAM, so these scrapers can get unencrypted data from the RAM leaving the sensitive data vulnerable to cybercriminals.

How can we stop this?

Just as if we wouldn’t keep our cash registers unlocked for someone to grab money out of them, point of sale systems needs proper protection. We must have a hardened security for our point of sale systems and our suppliers and manufacturers must have enough knowledge about computer security. This way, we can prevent any malicious software from entering our system.

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