What is a Customized Point of Sale Solution?

June 25, 2013 Leasing POS Information 0

With the great number of POS systems vendors both online and offline, it can be a hard task to choose for the best and most reliable solution. Also, oftentimes, their great range of system hardware and software can also add to the stress of looking for the best supplier. Add to it the great amount of money you will need to invest in order to obtain a decent point of sale system.

And here comes the bigger problem. You bought your full point of sale system, but as the time goes, you have realized that you need more functionality, more power, more options from your point of sale system. As sales increase and your company is growing, you wanted to create more flexible offers for them. You then learn that a point of sale system can be further customized and tailored to perfectly for your needs. However, you have nothing to do now but to call your P.O.S. supplier to add new custom features to your system, often times at additional rocketing cost. Is there a way to prevent this? Yes, there is, and I assure that you can save more than 50% of the total cost that you will need to pay on the scenario explained above.

Customized Point of Sale Solution

This is why customized point of sale solution is so important. There are only few vendors who offer complete customized point of sale bundles upon first purchase. If you have a pizzeria shop, they will offer a point of sale system customized to count the price for each slice of pizza with different kind of toppings or if you have a wine store, they will offer a POS solution that will enable you to create different price tags for the same product with different age. Further, the possibilities can be endless. You can opt-in for iPad POS bundles, or choose to add/remove the “loyalty points” package.

Like I said, only few vendors offers this kind of solution, and Alliance Bundle is one of them. Our business advisors take the time to completely understand your business. We will suggest different options for point of sale systems. Bundles customized and tailored to increase your productivity and profitability.  Further, we offer a very affordable monthly lease to own payment plans, most customers will comfortably pay only $75 a month complete with installation, delivery, on-site training service as well as 24/7 technical support. 

Fill out the request more information form or get a started today by filling out our lease form and you are on your way to getting installed within 3 – 5 business days. If you have more questions, you may call us at 1-888-405-8706.