Smoke Shop POS System

May 24, 2017 Leasing POS Information 0
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The times where smoke shops were looked down upon and marketing was at a minimal, are no more.

Smoke shops are popular, active and fully stocked! If you are the owner of one of these hectic establishments, then you know the heartaches that can come from everyday tasks, such as, inventory management, employee tracking and current trends in the smoking market. To compete in this growing industry, it is time to learn new ways to consolidate all those daily activities into one central hub.

Introducing your new Smoke Shop POS system!

With your Smoke Shop POS, you can track your stocks up to the single pack available. You can view the top selling cigar brand, daily sales, real time inventory, employee’s work hours, and so much more. You can effectively reduce the cost of operating your business as you can hire fewer people because there is less work to manage. You’ll never need a bookkeeper or inventory tracker again because this pos system can do everything for you! If you ever forget to check what’s in stock, there’s no worry, as the point of sale system can be programmed to automatically make orders of the stocks that run low for you!

All of our custom Smoke Shop POS solutions start at $99 a month on a lease to own basis with optional merchant services. Give us a call at 888-405-8706 or fill out the contact form for more information. We can get you installed in as little as 3 business days!