There are only a few point of sale vendors that offer affordable and easy to understand payment methods. Only a few of them offers lease to own payment, and not anyone can be happy with this kind of service. One unit of this machine can cost you thousands of dollars each, probably about $3500 for each unit. Most of new business owners with small capital that wants to have their own point of sale system can have a hard time buying or getting one.

The long wait is over, at, you can avail of a complete point of sale system bundled with free installation, training, delivery and technical support. We also have merchant services that are never mandatory! But wait, why would you invest with a point of sale system? What are its benefits? Take a time to read Common Questions about Point of Sale Systems Answered to learn more about the benefits of a point of sale system to a business.

Lease to own Virginia POS Systems in starting at $75 a month. Call us at 1-888-405-8706 now or fill out the contact form for more information.


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