Restaurant Point of Sale Systems – Why Restaurants Need It?

April 22, 2013 POS Information 0

Why Need a Restaurant Point of Sale Systems?

A newly established restaurant often asks: which is better, a point of sale system or a simple cash register? Well, we all know that we are in the age of rapid technological advancement. We have witnessed how communication and complex mathematical computations are getting easier. We saw the transformation of a 250 MB memory card weighing several kilograms to a 16 GB microSD card weighing less than ounce and tinier by about thousands of times. That is true to businesses too. Restaurant point of sale systems are the new era of cash registers.

But, the question is: is it a smart business decision to get a brand new restaurant POS systems for a beginning restaurant?

“There is cash registers, I think I don’t need to complexity of point of sale systems for now.”

Perhaps that is what’s on your mind on this time. Add to it the current price of a single point of sale system, about $2,000. But before you turn your back, I will point out some advantages of using restaurant point of sale systems at the early stages of your business.

The Benefits of Point of Sale System to a Restaurant

With restaurant point of sale systems, you can easily manage the cash flow in your restaurant. I already discussed a general overview about the benefits of POS in an earlier article, but to be specific for restaurants, I will reword it a bit and point out the benefits that a restaurant would get from restaurant POS systems.

Everything that goes in and out of your store, every cent of transaction is logged with accuracy and intelligence. With a POS, you have a total control over your employee’s working time and prevent them from unauthorized access  to your cash drawer or price status/list. You will also have the ability to see real time inventory and immediately restock current items/recipes running low. You will improve your business performance and you can respond dynamically to your customer’s demands.

You know that there is a certain time when an item goes at its peak. You can monitor it on a POS system. You can also set loyalty rewards and provide a a sort of “power hour” to attract more customers and improve sales.

But POS System Costs Too Much and My Business is Still Small

According to a study conducted by IBM, a POS system speeds up transactions by up to 44%. Take a look at this PDF.

If you read the PDF, you can see that as the time goes, PCCD (PC cash drawers or cash registers) increases your costs and expenses more than a POS and PCCDs do have lesser features and capabilities than POS. That is one reason why you should consider getting POS system early in your business venture.

And  yes, there is a way to reduce your expenses in getting Restaurant POS systems.

Leasing Restaurant POS Systems – A Great Way to Start Deploying your own POS Terminal

Yes, here at Alliance Bundle, you will get state of the art point of sale systems at a very reasonable monthly rate. In fact, leasing a point of sale system is better than buying by a number of reason and you can read the article that I wrote earlier: Why Should you Consider Leasing POS System?

Generally, you’ll get free installation and training as well as 24/7 tech support, which is unavailable when you buy your own. Call us now at 1-888-405-8706 or fill out the contact form for more information.