How to Improve Customer Experience

April 23, 2013 Business Strategies 0

A great customer experience is a way to effectively increase your business’s revenue and popularity. When you are nice to your customers, they will be likely to come back and will eventually lead to patronage. They would also tell to their friends, colleagues and families about how wonderful you are. In that case, you will be likely to succeed in the long haul.

Every successful businesses do have one thing in common: effective customer treatment. Remember that the heart of a business relies upon its customers. Without them, you will be nothing, so when you start a business, always keep in mind about the likes and dislikes of your potential customers. Focus on what will be good for them, and think about the things your customer’s might want to see or experience.

An effective way  to do this is to place yourself in the soles of your customers. When you get inside your business establishment, would you feel great? Would you find what you need? Are the staffs friendly and helpful? Is the environment good? Would you like to come back again? Be honest with yourself, and if you answer NO to one of those questions, chances are you do not have a great customer experience for your intended consumers. The only solution to that is to fix and improve that particular area.

POS Systems as an additional tool to improve customer experience

If you still doesn’t have a point of sale system, you should consider getting one. Why? With one of them deployed in your establishment or restaurant, transactions will speed up to 40%. Isn’t that a great customer experience? Who wants slow transactions after all? But is that all that you’d get from POS? There are more:

  • Create loyalty points to attract more customers
  • Record a customer information and offer them to suggest products based on their purchases
  • Promote discount coupons
  • Implement on-the-spot payment schemes. They do not have to go to the counter to pay for bills.
  • And many more!

If you think POS is a very costly investment, learn how to lease it and why leasing is smarter than buying.

Additional tips to improve customer experience

Even though you have 99% discounts implement, you’ll never win a customers heart if you have a very poor customer approach. Be friendly and offer them help and kindness in every possible way. Keep smiling, no one wants to see a face like its the end of the world. Do not make them rush, let them think carefully whether they would purchase a certain product/item or not. Offer them help and do not give them too many choices. Offer the products that you think suits the best for them after you learned the things they like. Of course  to learn that, you have to open a friendly conversation with the customer.

Remember, customer is always right! And that’s our philosophy here at Alliance Bundle!

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