Do You Really Have to Pay a Leg for a POS?

April 25, 2013 Business Strategies POS Information 0

Several people always ask about the cost of a POS system on the internet. As you can see, many online vendors often do not show or place the full tag for their product. This is because they think that if they would place their full tag price on the web, no body or only a few individuals would be able to afford it. You might also landed here for searching about the price of a POS system and I know that you really wanted to know the true price of today’s point of sale systems. Are you ready?

The Price of a Brand New Point of Sale System

If you want to have a fully working customized version of point of sale system and hardware with receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card scanner, customized software and other features, be prepared to cash out or maybe it is more appropriate to say, loan a staggering amount of $5,000! Yes, five thousand dollars! Minus additional fees from software updates, installation, training and other services. Enough said, we can conclude that not it’s not only a leg you need to break but also an arm. But if we will end up concluding with that statement, what makes sense of the title? Read more below.

You’ll have to prepare this number!

POS System for $75 a month

Am I kidding? No. I am serious. You can obtain a point of sale system for only $75 a month. Here at Alliance Bundle, you will have your very own POS system up and running without breaking a single strand of your hair. But wait, I know what you’re thinking now. You would only cost $75 a month but you’ll be obliged to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars of additional charges a month for other services.

Drop your jaw because starting at $75 a month, you will have a fully functioning, complete set if POS hardware and software including delivery, installation, training and support. No merchant services and no hidden charges. All of that for only $75 a month. Sounds good?

Take your chance now, fill out the leasing form to have your POS system delivered to you within 5 business days or if you want, you can contact us at 1-888-405-8706 for more details. We also offer security cameras to compliment to your business needs.