Digital Menu Boards – An Introduction

September 7, 2013 Digital Menu Boards 0

 An Introduction Digital Menu Boards

The roots of menu can be traced thousands of years ago. Ancient merchants used menus to provide a list of their goods to attract customers. Its main purpose is to gather a customer’s attention at a single glance.

The classic menu board can initiate a customer interaction by two different ways. The first is that the customer knows what the item is and then can approach the merchant to talk about the product. The second is the customer does not know about the item and they can approach the merchant to know more about the item. The main point about menu boards is that engage a customer to ask the merchant about a particular product or services.

The essence of a menu is by granting a passive approach on commerce. Without menu boards, an item need to be intentionally searched, asked for or bought in order for a commerce to happen.

A Digital Menu Board takes this a step further by allowing you do more than listing your products and services. It also allows you to have the conversation that a merchant would offer without need engage in a physical conversation. Your products are listed, but also explained. This takes the role of the menu board into more of an action which results in additional effectiveness.

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