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Getting a Dollar Store POS System

If you own a dollar store, chances are that you are getting a number of customers and small retail sales once in a while. Tracking them all could be a tedious process, especially if you’re just using an electronic cash register to do the job. That’s where a dollar store POS system comes into play.…
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April 13, 2015 0

Digital Menu Boards – In Depth

Last time, we covered about some of the basics of digital menu boards, its origin and uses. Now, we are going to dive in further to the advanced parts of using and maximizing its power. Digital menu boards alone can really help a business provide better customer interactions, and as a result, it enables them…
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September 16, 2013 0

Digital Menu Boards – An Introduction

The roots of menu can be traced thousands of years ago. Ancient merchants used menus to provide a list of their goods to attract customers. Its main purpose is to gather a customer’s attention at a single glance. The classic menu board can initiate a customer interaction by two different ways. The first is that…
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September 7, 2013 0