We at alliancebundle.com offers powerful POS system solutions to anyone living at Maine for a startling price of only $75 a month, fully complete with installation, training and delivery services backed with 24/7 tech support; a package you can never see on any vendor out there.

We believe that being able to control your business effectively is the key to your business success. And with a point of sale system, business management is a push of a button away. With Maine POS systems, you can gain control over your inventory, pricing, employee work hour and more. You can even implement discounts and customer satisfaction events. You will not need to use your old cash registers again.

In addition, you can easily sync your POS data on your smart phone and mobile devices. With this, you can have a real-time eye on what’s happening in your stocks and pricing. You can easily change pricing easily anywhere you are. You can also have a control over your employee by opting in for additional CCTV bundle package, which can be integrated to our POS systems. We also have digital menu boards: an additional treat for your restaurant or retail POS system.

But we saw that point of sale systems could cost you thousands of dollars, excluding delivery, training and tech support. That’s why alliancebundle.com offers a lease to own payment model, so anyone can start a business in Maine.

Lease to own Maine POS systems starting at $75 a month. Call us at 1-888-405-8706 now or fill out the contact form for more information.


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