Retail stores, restaurants and other stores need the help of a point of sale system, especially in Iowa, where point of sale systems can cost you an arm and a leg to afford. Though the price can soar up to $5000, you can grab so many benefits from it such as:

  • Inventory and sales monitoring
  • Employee work hour control
  • Anti-theft system
  • Auto price check and change at once
  • Promotional services which can be easily managed
  • Gift cards
  • Credit card and internet transactions
  • On the spot payment
  • Table reserve
  • And many more!

But you may ask, that is very pricey, how can I afford that if I am just starting from my business? Well, that’s our job here at! We offer $75 a month lease to own payment point of sale systems that can help you succeed! In fact, in this package, delivery, installation, staff training and even tech support are included! With a point of sale system in your business, you can have effective control and monitoring of your business performance with ease.

Lease to own Iowa point of sale systems in starting at $75 a month. Call us at 1-888-405-8706 now or fill out the contact form for more information.


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