Having a point of sale system in Connecticut will greatly help in the improvement of your business. With a point of sale system, your daily task can be easily done without the need for more effort, labor and expenses. Tasks such as inventory logging, controlling stocks, managing gift cards and discounts can be easily done with the use of a point of sale system.

Additionally, you can greatly satisfy your customers by providing faster and easier checkouts, starting promos and discounts as well as implementing loyalty and reward points. You can also attract new potential customers by handing out gift cards controlled by the point of sale system. You can easily view how your products and promotion impacts customers and your business, helping you set goals that are more efficient.

As we all know, however, point of sale systems can cost you thousands of dollars, not including additional payments for technical help, software updates and many other add-ons. If we sum up, the total cost of your initial investment will rise up to $5000, and that’s only for a single unit. But what if you need say 3 or 4 more units? That is why here at alliancebundle.com, we offer the most flexible and affordable payment options: $75 a month payment, lease to own!

Lease to own Connecticut Point of Sale Systems starting at $75 a month. Call us at 1-888-405-8706 now or fill out the contact form for more information.


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