What’s so special about a Pizzeria POS System? Isn’t a pizza restaurant just like any other restaurant? Many pizza shop owners get distracted by a local restaurant POS sales rep who convinces them that because XYZ software is used in thousands of restaurants nationwide, it will work just fine for them.

Pizzeria POS Systems


But pizza is different in so many ways. The ordering process is complex, with sizes, crusts, toppings, modifiers, substitutions – and don’t even get started with halves, thirds and quarters. Then if you expect to price all these variations correctly when the customer wants extra cheese on half, hold the red onions on the other half and add double pepperoni overall – it takes a pizza software specialist to keep it all straight. Expect to track inventory and food costs? Our Pizzeria POS Systems will be able to recognize that you use less sausage on a 5 topping pizza than on a 1 topping. Get your custom tailored Pizzeria POS Systems today!

Pizzeria POS Systems Features:

  • Unlimited list of toppings
  • Add toppings to halves, quarters or the whole pizza
  • Change sizes and crusts with a single touch
  • Streamline ordering process by minimizing touches required to order a pizza
  • Print order slips with customer address – Perfect for delivery!
  • Further modify pizzas with half toppings, double toppings and other instructions
  • Create complicated pizza menus within a few minutes
  • Specialty pizzas – configure with pre-set toppings (ex: Hawaiian, meat lovers, everything)
  • Pizza price shown as the pizza is being built
  • PIZZERIA POS – CALLER ID System integrates directly with the customer database in the Pizzeria POS Systems. When a customer calls in, easily view their name, address, phone number, order history and order preferences

Organized Tracking

No matter where you are, you can easily see your real time statistics with ease. No need to worry again even if you’re not physically present in your Pizzeria.

You can also easily connect it to your PC, tablet, or mobile phones for easier access and remote connectivity. This makes your life easier knowing that you have access to all of your business data anywhere you are and however you like it. In return, you’ll need not worry about discrepancies but you can focus on what’s important: improving your business performance.  Our Pizzeria POS Systems will enable your business to streamline its processes thereby allowing you to provide a better customer experience.

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