Drive through restaurants take pride in their ability to serve their customer in lightning speed.

Drive Thru POS System

Apart from selecting the ideal venue, employees and the perfect menu, the selection of the ideal POS software program is also of extreme importance when it comes to ensuring the success of a drive through restaurant. What better option to keep your drive through operations running at top speed than the AllianceBundle POS restaurant point of sale system?

The AllianceBundle Drive Thru POS System is a customizable POS software program that can be applied to just about any restaurant environment. When it comes to the drive through restaurant environment, the AllianceBundle Drive Thru POS System a great addition as it will allow your employees at the ordering desk to receive the order, record it properly , communicate it to the kitchen and also to make sure that the right order gets delivered to the right customer.

All this takes place within a few minutes and there is rarely any room for delays. This is well comprehended by the manufacturers of AllianceBundle Drive Thru POS System therefore, your drive through operations are guaranteed to be in good hands if you manage to integrate the program.

Aside from making sure that the food gets delivered to the right customer, the AllianceBundle Drive Thru POS System will also make sure that your stocks are also managed properly. You really wouldn’t want to find out that you have run out of an essential ingredient right in the midst of dinner rush. The inventory-monitoring feature of the AllianceBundle POS exists to make sure that such situations are avoided at all costs. In other words, the PDrive Thru POS System will make sure that your refrigerator is fully stocked when you open for the day.

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