Theft cannot be easily avoided on any kind of business especially nightclubs and bars. Imagine, if only you can manage to see and monitor your business all the time, then you can just sit back and relax. That’s where our Bar and Nightclub POS Systems comes into the scene, it will make your dream come true!

Organized Tracking

Your business can easily access all of the Bar and Nightclub POS systems features because our Bar and Nightclub POS systems are cloud connected. No matter where you are, you can easily see your real time statistics with ease. No need to worry again even if you’re not physically present in your Bar and Nightclub.

You can also easily connect it to your PC, tablet or mobile phones for easier access and remote connectivity. This makes your life easier knowing that you have access to all of your business data anywhere you are and however you like it. In return, you’ll need not worry about discrepancies but you can focus on what’s important: improving your business performance.  Our Bar and Nightclub POS Systems will enable your business to streamline its processes thereby allowing you to provide better customer experience and service.


Your imagination comes to life with our point of sale system for bars and nightclubs! Effectively manage and monitor your employee’s work hours and activity with our POS + CCTV bundle.  You can get a point of sale systems starting at only $99 a month. But wait, is that the only thing a POS can do? No, there’s a lot more!

Bar and Nightclub POS Systems

Aside from tracking your employee’s work hours, our point of sale system can also show you real time inventory statistics, view daily sales trends, notify you of stocks running low and can even automate the ordering process of items that is running out. Also, if you want to print your own bar code, our POS system provides you with the tools to do that. Credit Cards? No problem. Point of sale systems from Alliance Bundle supports credit cards 100%.

Own the Bar and Nightclub POS systems without having to spend thousands of dollars on one shot!

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