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Nationwide Install

Some dealers will neglect to tell you that installation is not included with their systems. Not with us. We offer nationwide installation in 3 business days!

24/7 Tech Support

No matter what store hours you display, be confident knowing that we never close. We are here 24/7 to help with the rare problems that may arise with your POS system.

Merchant Services (optional)

Our shining achievement? The ability to offer our customers Merchant Services, which are never mandatory but always available. POS system leasing just got easier!

Onsite Training

Having the perfect POS System solution is not enough. You need to know how to use it. We offer Onsite & Remote Training to make you & your staff POS gurus!

Build Your POS SystemPos System Financing Industries

No Two POS Solutions Are Alike

A Jewelry Store doesn’t need Kitchen Printer capabilities & a Bar or Nightclub aren’t required to use Digital Menu Boards. Clothing stores won’t need delivery services & a Bakery has no use for layaway plan software. Every industry is unique. So we build custom Bundles specific to YOUR industry. Not “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

2 Ways 2 Own

Just like industries, businesses also have unique finances. Some owners start their business with funds in excess, while others are watching every dime. We prepare for both instances. Our POS System Leasing starts as low as $79/Month while our Buy Now Bundles can be bought for as low as $1800. No matter which decision you make…it’ll be the RIGHT decision.

POS System Lease





What Our Clients Say

Here, we are all about results. Here are some of our clients who chose to share their experience with Alliance Bundle say about their pos system leasing solutions.

“I chose alliance because, #1 they’re a local company, but what really sold me, was the fact that I did not have to change my credit card processor! ”

lease custom pos system
Soprano’s Pizzeria

“As I am doing my research, I needed a POS system, I came across Alliance Bundles. It was a fantastic experience! They had a bundle where I can keep an eye on customers using CCTV, then a powerful POS system and a portable financing. I just love their system.”

lease pos system
El Inka Grill

“The POS System has been extremely helpful with the speed…accuracy…and liability….”

POS System Leasing
Burger Hut

Contact Us. Help us help you better.

Latest POS News

While some business owners may just be looking for great POS system leasing, others genuinely, want to learn more about POS systems and the many extensions & add-ons available. We offer some valuable POS system information for those seeking to increase their point of sale knowledge.

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